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Indian History Part 36: THE PALLAVA DYNASTY

Canberra, 7 Januray 2014 Introduction The Pallava dynasty originally ruled the Tondainadu dominions near Madras (Chennai) and were constantly on the lookout to increase their territorial holdings, at all times attempting to hold as much land as possible. This ambition clearly distinguishes the Pallavas from the three traditional dynasties of the Deep South—the Cholas, Pandyas […]

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Indian History Part 32 Chalukyas of Badami Section III THE GLORY OF VIKRAMADITYA I

Canberra 12 September 2014 Pulakesin’s death in battle and the sacking of their capital Badami by the Pallavas were devastating blows to the Chalukya entity. After the defeat, the Chalukyas went into a self-imposed inward looking period and there is scant information of the events that transpired in the ensuing 13 years or so. The […]

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