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Indian History Part 43 THE KHYBER PASS Section III: Greeks, Kushans, Sasanians and White Huns

Canberra, 2 October 2015 The regions around the Hindu Kush mountain ranges went through three hundred years of turmoil to create and consolidate kingdoms that rose and fell with the regularity and assurance of day following night. The Khyber Pass was at the centre of this upheaval and went through an era of volatility seldom […]

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Canberra, 3 March 2014 Soon after Pushyamitra’s uprising in Malwa against Kumara Gupta (ruled 415-455) had been put down, the ‘Hunas’ appeared at the border of the Empire. There is scant information available regarding the Pushyamitra rebellion. The only reference to the revolt is an obscure inscription, which states that it ‘ruined the fortunes of […]

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Indian History Part 25 THE GOLDEN GUPTAS Section IV: End of Empire

Canberra, 7 February 2014 Chandra Gupta Vikramaditya left the Empire in an exalted state in terms of its national power, prosperity of both the kingdom and the people as well as the stability of governance. The borders were secure, trade with Egypt and even Europe was thriving, and there were no internal revolts or insurgencies […]

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