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India-China Relations: Complex and Out-of-Step

Canberra, 8 August 2017 On 15 May 2015, India and China came out with a joint statement acknowledging the simultaneous re-emergence of both the nations as major regional powers. This event was termed as heralding the beginning of the Asian Century in international geo-politics. The bilateral relationship between India and China influences and has repercussions […]

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Part 47 KASHMIR: A KINGDOM APART Section III: The End of Hindu Rule

  Canberra, 31 January 2016 During Harsha’s military expeditions two brothers, Uchchala and Sussala, from a collateral branch of Loharas, who were also minor commanders in the Kashmir army, attracted the king’s attention through their display of conspicuous bravery. He brought them back to the capital and installed them as privileged members of the royal […]

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Indian History Part 47 KASHMIR: A KINGDOM APART Section I: The Karkota Dynasty

  Canberra, 8 January 2016 The history of Kashmir is almost inextricably intertwined with the greater history of the broader region of which it forms a part—Central Asia, Afghanistan, China and Tibet—as much as it does of the Indian sub-continent. Kashmir by itself covers a large territory, which is mountainous, rugged and in places completely […]

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