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Indian History Part 79 Babur-First of the Great Mughals Section I Background: The Central Asian Nomads

Canberra, 22 March 2020 For millennia the nomadic tribes of North-Central Asia have sustained themselves by herding their animals and exercising their unique ability to hunt en masse. Their pasturages were in the more habitable areas of the bleak desert that was their home, they moved along the minor watercourses and when needed, found refuge […]

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Indian History Part 53 Genghis Khan marches through the Khyber Pass

Canberra, 26 July 2016 Of all the armies that have passed through the Khyber Pass over the centuries, none was imbibed with as much hurried determination as the great, all-conquering Mongol army of Genghis Khan. The presence of the Mongols in this region raises two interesting questions. What made Genghis Khan’s command so powerful that […]

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