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Europeans in India Part 9 The French Arrive in India Section III: Benoit Dumas

Canberra, 14 April 2023 On 19th September 1735, Lenoir was succeeded as Governor–General by Benoit Dumas (1668–1745). So far, the French had maintained very cordial relations with the local rulers; Lenoir had furthered the associations and contacts that Martin had established. However, the prevailing tranquillity was about to be shattered by emerging events in South […]

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The Marathas Part 4 Shahji Bhonsle Section II: Later Career

Canberra, 6 June 2021 [The later career of Shahji Bhonsle and the early development of his son Shivaji overlap in several areas and took place in parallel. This chapter only examines the aspects of Shivaji’s early activities that had a direct bearing on Shahji’s actions and the progress of his career. Shivaji’s actions will be […]

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Indian History Part 66 The Adil Shahis of Bijapur, Section V: The Final Collapse

Canberra, 1 July 2018 The fall of Daulatabad and end of Malik Amber’s rule also heralded the beginning of the end of the Deccani Muslim kingdoms. (Malik Amber’s foray into the Deccan and his eventful rule is described in a later chapter in the section dealing with the Nizam Shahi kingdom of Ahmadnagar.) By the […]

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