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Indian History Part 64 South India Section I: A Tale of Three Kingdoms

Canberra, 21 February 2018   The once-great Chalukya Empire vanished at the end of 12th century, disintegrating into unrecognisable sub-states; and by early 13th century, the other great dynasty, the Cholas, were in terminal decline in a free fall. For the next century, the Deccan was dominated by the Yadavas in Devagiri and the Kakatiyas […]

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Indian History Part 42: THE RAJPUT CLANS Section III The Chahamanas

Canberra, 31 August 2015 The Chahamana clan, also called the Chauhans in later times, was one of the original four ‘agnikula’ Rajputs who were supposed to have originated from the sacrificial fire pit in Mount Abu. Therefore, they are part of Rajput history from the very beginning being the main lead in some events and […]

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Indian History Part 33 THE OTHER CHALUKYAS

28 November 2014 Towards the later part of the Badami Chalukyas’ magnificent rule of the Peninsula and adjoining areas to the north-west, two sibling dynasties came into being. Contextually they could be considered break away groups although both these dynasties ruled, at least in the beginning of their rules, at the pleasure of the core […]

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