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Indian History Part 76 Collapse of an Empire Section II: The Aftermath

Canberra, 27 November 2019 The four Shahi kings moved from the battlefield towards Vijayanagara and halted at Anegundi. They send out advance parties of soldiers to prepare the capital for a great triumphal entry of the victors. After a few days they entered the capital in a state procession with the four kings at the […]

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Indian History Part 76 Collapse of an Empire Section I: The Battle of Rakshasa-Tangadi (Talikota)

Canberra, 23 November 2019 The Battle of Rakshasa-Tangadi is better known in historical narratives and discussions as the Battle of Talikota, so much so that the name of the twin villages Rakshasa-Tangadi remains in relative obscurity even today. The fact, however, remains that the battle was not fought at, or even close to, the town […]

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Indian History Part 75 The Tuluva Dynasty Section VIII: Rama Raya-Establishing Aravidu Rule

Canberra, 9 November 2019 The regency of Rama Raya can be divided into three distinct phases. The first phase is the time during which Rama Raya carried out the duties of the Regent diligently, ruling on behalf of the infant/boy-king. The inscriptions and chronicles of this period scrupulously maintain the authority of Sadasiva Deva as […]

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