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Indian History Part 51: The Origins of Arab-Muslim Conquest

  Canberra, 12 June 2016 The armies that burst out of the Arabian Peninsula with the message of the Prophet Muhammad and the initial teachings of a fledgling religion were numerically small, seldom more than 20,000 soldiers and often much smaller. However, they were a homogeneous group, fully comprised of Arabs who had embraced the […]

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Indian History Part 44 THE ADVENT OF ISLAM

Canberra, 12 October 2015 Enough and more has been written about the creation of the religious faith known as Islam, derived from the teachings of the Prophet Muhamad (570-632). Prophet Muhammad lived in a polytheistic society and received a revelation in visions that he explained in the holy book of Islam, the Koran. He called […]

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Canberra, 3 March 2014 Soon after Pushyamitra’s uprising in Malwa against Kumara Gupta (ruled 415-455) had been put down, the ‘Hunas’ appeared at the border of the Empire. There is scant information available regarding the Pushyamitra rebellion. The only reference to the revolt is an obscure inscription, which states that it ‘ruined the fortunes of […]

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