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Indian History Part 25 THE GOLDEN GUPTAS Section II: Samudra Gupta the Great

Canberra, 20 January 2014 Samudra Gupta the Great (335-375 A.D.)  Samudra Gupta, the fourth king of the Gupta dynasty, ushered in the Golden Age of ancient India and could be considered the greatest amongst the Gupta emperors. [His successor, Chandra Gupta II also known as Vikramaditya, after whom the Indian Navy’s third aircraft carrier is […]

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Indian History: Part 25 THE GOLDEN GUPTAS Section I: An Empire is Establsihed

Canberra, 14 January 2014 The decline and passage into oblivion of the Kushan dynasty marked the beginning of yet another period in Indian history about which little or no verifiable knowledge is available, and even the limited information is often incoherent. There is no fully verifiable information even today regarding the events that took place […]

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