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Europeans in India Part 7 The Dutch Enter the Fray Section IV Commercial Activities: Travancore (Venad)

Canberra, 18 February 2023 Venad was an early-medieval kingdom in the southern tip of Kerala with its capital at Quilon (Kollam). It was one of the four major principalities that made up the region of Kerala, the other three being Kolathunadu (Cannanore/Kannur), Nediyiruppu (Calicut/Kozhikode) and Perumpadappu (Cochin/Kochi). The rulers of Venad trace their ancestry to […]

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Europeans in India Part 7 The Dutch Enter the Fray Section III Commercial Activities – The Malabar (Kerala) Coast

Canberra 11 February 2023 In the narrative of the Dutch involvement in the Indian sub-continent, the term, Malabar coast and Kerala coast could be used interchangeably, for unlike the Portuguese, the Dutch were active across the entire coast of Kerala, which consisted of the three major kingdoms—Malabar, Cochin and Travancore. Kerala, the realm of the […]

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Indian History Part 71 South India – 14th Century Section I: Islamic Rule Permeates the Deccan

Canberra, 1 March 2019 The establishment of the Delhi Sultanate altered the character of North India irrevocably. However, this event did not have any direct impact on the lands to the south of River Narmada and the Vindhya Mountain ranges that could be called, in a very generic manner, Peninsular or Southern India. The historical […]

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