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Indian History Part 61 The Dance of Religions; Section IV The Medieval Hindu Revival

Udaipur, India 2 January 2017  REFORM THROUGH BHAKTI At the time when the Islamic conquest of the sub-continent began in earnest, Hindu Brahmanism was fully established in India. All religious questioning and competition that had been posed by Buddhism and Jainism had been comprehensively removed. The most important socio-cultural event of the 14th and 15th […]

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INDIAN HISTORY Part 25: THE GOLDEN GUPTAS Section V: The Empire and Its Governance

Canberra, 27 February 2014 The Guptas followed the traditional concepts of hereditary monarchy and that of primogeniture. The king’s right to rule was considered divinely ordained and was further sanctified by Brahminical ceremonies. However, this divine right was bestowed with the caveat that the king was duty and honour bound to institute righteous policies, follow […]

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Canberra, 19 December 2012 Part 5   THE VEDIC AGE (1500 BC – about 500 AD) Section I: DECIPHERING THE EPICS The decline and disappearance of the Harappan Civilisation can be regarded as the beginning of recorded history in the Indian context where textual sources provide verifiable information for the historian to analyse. There are […]

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