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Indian History Part 67 The Nizam Shahis of Ahmadnagar Section II: Consolidation: Burhan Nizam Shahi II

Canberra, 4 August 2018 Burhan Nizam Shah was only seven years old when his father, Ahmad Nizam Shah the founder of the dynasty, died. Ahmad had elicited an oath of allegiance towards the young prince from his nobles. They were true to the oath and the business of governance was undertaken by nobles loyal to […]

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Indian History Part 49 The Ghaznavids Section VI: A Brief Appraisal

  Canberra, 19 May 2016 Rising from obscure origins, the Ghaznavids managed to conquer lands and carve out a viable kingdom in the north and east of Afghanistan and North-West India. The kingdom, actually a sultanate, remained intact for almost a century before the Seljuq invasion deprived it of its Persian territorial holdings. The Ghaznavids […]

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Canberra, 15 December 2014 The Chalukya dynasty ruled the Deccan Plateau and adjoining areas for more than six centuries and then faded from the historical narrative of the Indian sub-continent, as so many had done before and since. The central family was established in Badami in early 6th century. They were ambitious and capable, creating […]

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