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Europeans in India Part 9 The French Arrive in India Section II: The Rise of French Power – Early Period

Canberra, 6 April 2023 In 1664, the 50-year monopoly granted to the French East Indies Company by King Louis XIV of France came to an end. Even with the royal authorisation of a monopoly, the company had not been functioning well and was forced to rely on private speculators to continue trading in the East. […]

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Europeans in India Part 8 The English East India Company Section IV: Dealing with the Competition

Canberra, 22 March 2023 While continuing to fight a rear-guard action to safeguard their privileges and trade monopoly in the Home Country, the Company was also catering to a second requirement. From the very beginning, the Company had firmly believed that it must have full sway in the country where it was hoping to conduct […]

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Europeans in India Part 7 The Dutch Enter the Fray Section II Commercial Activities – Gujarat, The Coromandel & Bengal

Canberra, 29 January 2023 The Dutch arrived in India and faced great opposition from the Portuguese, who pushed back with force. The animosity was such that they moved on to the Far-East and established themselves in today‚Äôs Indonesia. From their base in the archipelago, they made gradual and initially surreptitious inroads into South Asia, initially […]

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