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Indian History Part 56 Section I: Ghiyas ud-Din Tughluq Shah

Canberra, 22 April 2017 Ghiyas ud-Din’s accession to the throne calmed the paroxysm that had become commonplace in the sultanate from the last days of Ala ud-Din’s rule. Ghiyas had come up from humble origins—his father was a Qaraunah Turk and mother a Jat lady. The Qaraunah were a clan of the broader Mongol tribes […]

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Indian History Part 54 The Slave Dynasty Section VII: An Appraisal

  Canberra, 22 December 2016 Balban’s death created a power void in Delhi with no credible successor to fill the large shoes that he left behind. Balban had been an efficient and effective regent and then a monarch for a total of 40 years. In medieval politics, a powerful individual personality and force of character […]

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