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India: Seeking Its Place in the Sun

Canberra, 4 January 2017 India initiated an economic evolution in the 1990s, which gathered sufficient momentum to become a revolution that propelled India into the thick of international power play. The geo-politics and circumstances of international power balance are ever-changing and have their own ways of creating ups and downs that in turn revamp the […]

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  Canberra, 21 June 2013   [This is an abridged version of a presentation that I gave to the University of Western Australia in Perth, on 9 May 2013.] Introduction “India is at once a rising power with an expanding middle-class; and a poor, unequal and misgoverned country.” India’s civilisation is one of the oldest […]

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National Security and History Part I A

Singapore, 10 January 2009 I have explained my belief that history must have a meaning beyond the mere collection of dates, incidents and episodes to every day life of the common man. It is another matter that a majority does not have any abiding interest in history. The other thread that I want to draw […]

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