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Indian History Part 74 The Saluva Dynasty Section II: An Inglorious Demise

Canberra, 6 July 2019 Saluva Narasimha left behind two young sons—Timmabhupa and Immadi Narasimha—and on his deathbed commended them to the care of his loyal general Narasa Nayaka. Narasa, who belonged to the Tuluva family and was the son of the famed Iswara Nayaka, was immediately declared the ‘protector’ of the young princes. He placed […]

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Indian History Part 33 THE OTHER CHALUKYAS

28 November 2014 Towards the later part of the Badami Chalukyas’ magnificent rule of the Peninsula and adjoining areas to the north-west, two sibling dynasties came into being. Contextually they could be considered break away groups although both these dynasties ruled, at least in the beginning of their rules, at the pleasure of the core […]

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