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Europeans in India Part 8 The English East India Company Section IV: Dealing with the Competition

Canberra, 22 March 2023 While continuing to fight a rear-guard action to safeguard their privileges and trade monopoly in the Home Country, the Company was also catering to a second requirement. From the very beginning, the Company had firmly believed that it must have full sway in the country where it was hoping to conduct […]

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Indian History Part 75 The Tuluva Dynasty Section VIII: Rama Raya-Establishing Aravidu Rule

Canberra, 9 November 2019 The regency of Rama Raya can be divided into three distinct phases. The first phase is the time during which Rama Raya carried out the duties of the Regent diligently, ruling on behalf of the infant/boy-king. The inscriptions and chronicles of this period scrupulously maintain the authority of Sadasiva Deva as […]

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