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The Marathas Part 18 The March to Destruction: 50 Years of Chaos Section VIII: Balaji Rings the Death Knell: The Third Anglo-Maratha War

Canberra 4 August 2022 On the conclusion of the long drawn Second Anglo-Maratha War, Bajirao managed to maintain cordial relations with the English, who left him alone to pursue his personal interests. Bajirao revelled in the new freedom that he enjoyed, free from the restrictive control of Nana Phadnavis and the intrusive actions of powerful […]

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Indian History Part 56 The Tughluq Dynasty Section IV Muhammad Tughluq: Ill-Starred Dreamer

¬†Canberra, 8 June 2017   Muhammad Tughluq was unquestionably the ablest, purely in terms of qualifications, of the crowned heads of medieval times. He was learned and accomplished; endowed with a marvellous memory and keen intellect; and possessed an extremely versatile mind with an enormous capacity to assimilate knowledge. Muhammad was a lover of the […]

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