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Indian History Part 55 Khilji Militarism Section IV: Demise of the Dynasty

Canberra, 1 April 2017   Ala ud-Din was bedridden suffering from acute oedema and becoming increasingly petulant and impulsive. The political edifice that he had so painstakingly built up, with personal hard work and a visionary approach to the task of governance, started to crumble in front of his eyes. The Delhi court became the […]

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Indian History – Part 55 Khilji Militarism Section II: Ala ud-Din Khilji

  23 January 2017 Securing the Throne Immediately after the aged Jalal ud-Din was assassinated, Ala ud-Din was declared sultan in Kara-Manikpur. He had waded through blood to achieve his ambition of being the sultan. There is no doubt that he had displayed daring and dash in the conduct of the successful expedition to Devagiri. […]

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