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Indian History Part 67 The Nizam Shahis of Ahmadnagar Section I: The Founding of a Kingdom

Canberra, 29 July 2018 During one of his frequent wars, Ahmad Shah Bahmani took a Brahmin boy captive and converted him to Islam, renaming him Malik Hussein. The boy proved to be extremely intelligent and endowed with considerable all-round ability. The Sultan had him educated along with his eldest son and heir apparent, Muhammad. Hussein […]

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Indian History Part 66 The Adil Shahis of Bijapur; Sect I: Yusuf Adil Shah Establishes a Kingdom

 Canberra, 25 April 2018 The death of Muhammad Shah in 1482 was the virtual end of the Bahmani dynasty, although a few more Bahmani sultans nominally ruled from Bidar. On Muhammad Shah’s death, Mahmud Shah his 12-year old (only eight years old according to some reports) son was placed on the throne. He was rapidly […]

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Indian History Part 65 The Bahmani Kingdom Section IV Last Days and Break-Up

Canberra, 8 April 2018    The Divisions in Court The Tarafdari system that was instituted by Hasan did not take long to become entrenched in the socio-political structure of the kingdom. Gradually, the tarafdars, the governors of the tarafs or provinces, started to acquire local prestige. This trend invariably led to greater separatist tendencies that […]

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