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Europeans in India Part 10 Anglo-French Rivalry Section I: First Carnatic War – French Ascendancy

Canberra, 15 May 2023 The 18th century was one of enormous changes for the English East India Company—it was during the first half of this century that the Company started to evolve from being a global trader to becoming a State by itself. This period also witnessed increasing government oversight of its revenue and political […]

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Europeans in India Part 9 The French Arrive in India Section II: The Rise of French Power – Early Period

Canberra, 6 April 2023 In 1664, the 50-year monopoly granted to the French East Indies Company by King Louis XIV of France came to an end. Even with the royal authorisation of a monopoly, the company had not been functioning well and was forced to rely on private speculators to continue trading in the East. […]

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