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Indian History Part 77 The Aravidu Dynasty Section VI Venkata Deva Raya III:Racing Towards Oblivion

Canberra, 18 January 2020 Rama Deva’s death was immediately followed by open rebellion in Karnataka and for a period of time no one could be identified as being in control. Only Pedda Venkata was able to muster some support, mostly from nobles and minor chiefs who were related to him. In what could only be […]

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Indian History Part 77 The Aravidu Dynasty Section III: Venkata Deva Raya II

Canberra, 26 December 2019 Sri Ranga Deva’s younger brother, Rama Raja, had predeceased him, leaving behind two sons. However, at the time of Sri Ranga’s death, both these princes were minors. Therefore, the ‘people’, meaning the nobles, Brahmins and warriors, chose Venkata the youngest brother of Sri Ranga, to succeed to the throne. This move […]

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