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Indian History Part 77 The Aravidu Rule Section I: Aravidu Rule is Formalised

Canberra 14 December 2014 Even before the Shahi kings departed from Vijayanagara, steeped in their own dissentions and confusion, a power struggle for control had started to crystallise in the defeated kingdom with the son of Rama Raya, Timma, questioning his uncle Tirumala’s claim to becoming the Regent. By the time the departing Shahis had […]

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Indian History Part 75 The Tuluva Dynasty Section III: Krishna Deva Raya – On the War Path

Amsterdam, 18 August 2019 Krishna Deva Raya ensured that the chances of external interference in Vijayanagara affairs were minimised through initially undertaking minor military actions and forming alliances. Then he prepared for war that would result in an extensive military campaign. He left Timmaraya, his trusted Prime Minister at the capital, in charge of the […]

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Indian History Part 68 The Qutb Shahis of Golconda-Hyderabad Section VI: The Obliteration of a Dynasty

Singapore, 27 December 2018 Abdullah Qutb Shah left no male heirs to succeed him. He had three daughters—the eldest was married to the Mughal prince Muhammad Sultan, who was imprisoned for life by his father during the succession struggle for the Mughal throne. The second was married to Mirza Nizam ud-Din Ahmed of Mecca who […]

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