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Indian History Part 55 Khilji Militarism Section I Ascent to Power

Canberra, 12 January 2016 Origins The ancestors of the Khilji clan (also spelt Khalji in a number of texts) had migrated from Turkistan along with the early movement of Turks towards the east from Central Asia. They had settled in the Helmand region of Afghanistan, staying there for over 200 years before moving further east. […]

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Indian History Part 54 The Slave Dynasty Section VII: An Appraisal

  Canberra, 22 December 2016 Balban’s death created a power void in Delhi with no credible successor to fill the large shoes that he left behind. Balban had been an efficient and effective regent and then a monarch for a total of 40 years. In medieval politics, a powerful individual personality and force of character […]

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