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Indian History Part 71 South India – 14th Century Section II: Uprisings, Revolts and Rebellions

Canberra, 10 March 2019 By the end of the 13th century, Southern India—Deccan and the Deep South—was characterised by Hindu religious progress. However, the Peninsula remained politically divided although the major kingdoms were in decline, thereby becoming vulnerable to the Islamic invasion that had started to become an unabated flood from the north. Succeeding rulers […]

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Indian History Part 65 The Bahmani Kingdom Section I: Origins

Canberra, 10 March 2018 Saturday   Background While the Madurai Sultanate was being decimated by the regional kingdoms of South India, two brothers Harihara and Bukka, established the Vijayanagar Kingdom raising it on the broken foundations of the failing dynasties of the region. The early kings of this kingdom, which was to later attain exalted […]

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Indian History Part 64 South India Section II: Prologue to Hindu Revival

Canberra, 4 March 2018    As in any number of cases in history before and after, there was an interim period of uncertainty and confusion following the overthrow of the Khilji dynasty by the Tughluqs. No doubt, the Tughluqs went on to establish one of the more significant dynasties of the Delhi Sultanate and also […]

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