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Indian History Part 76 Collapse of an Empire Section I: The Battle of Rakshasa-Tangadi (Talikota)

Canberra, 23 November 2019 The Battle of Rakshasa-Tangadi is better known in historical narratives and discussions as the Battle of Talikota, so much so that the name of the twin villages Rakshasa-Tangadi remains in relative obscurity even today. The fact, however, remains that the battle was not fought at, or even close to, the town […]

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Indian History Part 68 The Qutb Shahis of Golconda-Hyderabad Section III Ibrahim Quli Qutb Shah

Canberra, 18 November 2018 INCREASING POWER AND STATURE Ibrahim Quli Qutb Shah was the first of the dynasty to assume royal regalia and the title ‘Shah’, the accepted title for a king. He was also the first to be accepted by other contemporary kings as the ruler of the newly established kingdom with Golconda as […]

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