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The Marathas Part 20 The Prominent Feudatories of the Empire Section I: The Rajas of Kolhapur

Canberra, 13 August 2022 On Chhatrapati Shivaji’s son and successor Sambhaji being killed by the Mughals, his younger half-brother Rajaram ascended the throne in 1689. He ruled for 11 years and died in 1700, whereupon his widow Tarabai declared her young son Shivaji II the king and started to rule the kingdom as the Regent. […]

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The Marathas Part 6 Shivaji Bhonsle Section VII: A Panegyric

Canberra, 7 September 2021 The account of Shivaji’s activities and achievements, described in the previous few chapters, is only a concise narrative of the main events of his life. Even such a short description proves the genius that he possessed. However, unfortunately and for some unfathomable reason, Shivaji is perhaps the most under-appreciated, misunderstood and […]

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