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The Marathas Part 6 Shivaji Bhonsle Section I: Tumultuous Early Years

Canberra, 21 June 2021 Shivaji was born in April–May 1627, with 6th/10th April being generally accepted as the actual date, at the fort of Shivner near Junnar. Some accounts give the date as Monday, 10 February 1630, which is the one accepted by Sir Jadunath Sarkar, a well-known historian and an acknowledged authority on medieval […]

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Istanbul, 13 May 2015 The Hindu culture, derived from its practice in both the north and the south of the sub-continent, is deep rooted in South-East Asia. The seeds for this influence were sown during the period that is covered in this volume of the series on Indian history. Hindu roots to the societal development […]

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