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Indian History Part 80 Humayun – The Sentimental Dreamer Section I: A Royal Inheritance

Canberra, 10 April 2020 On his deathbed, Babur introduced his eldest son Humayun as his successor to a specially convened council of nobles and ministers. He then went on to advise the prince, to whom he had bequeathed his kingdom, ‘do naught against your brothers, even though they may deserve it’, an instruction that the […]

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Part 42 THE RAJPUT CLANS Section II: Early Rajput Kingdoms

Canberra, 2 August 2015 The second half of 8th century saw two critical developments in the Indian political scenario, which were to have profound influence on the next thousand years of political growth in the sub-continent. The first was the rise of regionalisation. During this period, a large number of regional kingdoms, of varying sizes, […]

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Canberra, 26 January 2013 CLAN-STATES AND KINGDOMS (~ 600-300 BC) Starting from around 600 BC, within a short span of about three centuries, two disparate developments changed the face of North India forever. First, the geographically small clan and sub-clan holdings of the Vedic Period gradually got subsumed into a complex system of larger entities […]

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