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Indian History Part 49 The Ghaznavids Section IV: The Beginning of the End

  Canberra, 8 April 2016 In 1118, Bahram Shah settled down to rule the Ghaznavid kingdom, having conclusively dealt with the challenges that were mounted against his coming to the throne. He assumed a number of honorifics—some of which compared him, in a flatteringly favourable manner, to the status and titles that were assumed by […]

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Indian History Part 49 The Ghaznavids Sect II: Fragile Equilibrium

  Canberra, 8 March 2016 Farrukh-Zad continues to remain a shadowy figure in the firmament of the Ghaznavid dynasty, especially since very little is known regarding his personal preferences and behaviour pattern, making it difficult to build a picture of his personality. However, he managed to induce a sense of peace into the kingdom, which […]

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Indian History Part 30 Section III: THE GAHADAVALAS OF KANAUJ

Canberra, 3 July 2014 Kanauj, Harsha-Vardhana’s famous capital, was also known as Gadhipur and there are disparate evidences that indicate Rashtrakuta rule of Kanauj and surrounding areas around the 10th/11th century. An inscription found in Badaun that is attributed to the Rashtrakuta king Lakhanapala who ruled around 1201, states in part, ‘…the city of Badaun, […]

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