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Indian History Part 81 Akbar Section VII – The Builder

Canberra, 19 September 2020 Around his tenth regnal year, Akbar embarked on a journey of extensive building activity, being personally involved in all aspects of the endeavour—from influencing he designs to supervising the actual construction. The earliest project was the construction of a hunting lodge in a village called Kakrali, about 10 kilometres south of […]

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Indian History Part 81 Akbar Sect IV The Conquering Emperor 6. The North-West and the Deccan

Canberra, 22 August 2020 Even when the rebellion in Bengal was raging without an end in sight, and it was thought that the East would be lost to the Empire, Akbar did not march to Bengal. Though all his military instincts—which were highly developed—prompted him to rush to the East, he held back, for the […]

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Indian History Part 81 Akbar Section IV: The Conquering Emperor; 3. The Gujarat Campaign

Canberra, 24 July 2020 Gujarat, situated to the south-west of the Mughal province of Malwa and shored by the Arabian Sea was a rich kingdom, mainly because of its seaports that facilitated a flourishing maritime trade. It was geographically large and consisted of the territories and districts of Surat, Broach, Kaira, Ahmedabad, large parts of […]

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