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Indian History Part 77 The Aravidu Dynasty Section V: A Civil War and Succession: Decay Sets In

Canberra, 11 January 2019  Sri Ranga, the younger son of Rama Raja, the viceroy of Srirangapatana and elder brother of Venkata Deva Raya II, had moved to the court in Penukonda even before his father’s death. He had been brought up by his uncle, the king, and was considered by all to be the future […]

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Indian History Part 69 Deccan Shahis – Other Aspects Sect I: Administration, Military and Foreign Affairs

Singapore, 29 December 2019 The Deccan was ruled for more than three centuries by Muslim kings, starting with the Bahmanis in early to mid-1300s during their highly centralised independent rule and continuing even after the splintering of the Bahmani kingdom into the five successor states—of these, Bijapur, Ahmadnagar and Golconda were the more prominent. Even […]

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