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Indian History Part 67 The Nizam Shahis of Ahmadnagar Section V: Stagnation and Confusion – Murtaza’s Last Days

Canberra, 15 September 2018 Shah Haidar had been installed as the Peshwa, helped with the influence of Asad Khan who was an honoured and influential noble of the realm. However, Haidar repaid the good-will by banishing Asad to Daulatabad. Further, Haidar ignored the advice that Murtaza had given him on his appointment and started to […]

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Indian History Part 64 South India Section II: Prologue to Hindu Revival

Canberra, 4 March 2018    As in any number of cases in history before and after, there was an interim period of uncertainty and confusion following the overthrow of the Khilji dynasty by the Tughluqs. No doubt, the Tughluqs went on to establish one of the more significant dynasties of the Delhi Sultanate and also […]

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