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Indian History: Part 37 Kingdoms of The Deep South Section I The Pandya Dynasty

Bangaluru, 29 January 2015 Introduction The area of the subcontinent, south of the Vindhya Mountains, which can be termed Peninsular India, can be further divided into South India and the Deccan Plateau. [In the previous volumes of this series, the terms Peninsula, Deccan, and South India have been used in a more generic and interchangeable […]

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Indian History Part 32 Chalukyas of Badami Section IV: PEACE AND PROSPERTITY

Canberra, 15 November 2014 Historians analysing the Chalukya dynasty, its rise and spread, tend to mention Pulakesin II as the conquering hero who laid the foundation for the empire. Considering that at the end of his reign he lost his kingdom and his life, this would perhaps be an exaggeration. It should be Vikramaditya who […]

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