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Indian History Part 49 The Ghaznavids Section IV: The Beginning of the End

  Canberra, 8 April 2016 In 1118, Bahram Shah settled down to rule the Ghaznavid kingdom, having conclusively dealt with the challenges that were mounted against his coming to the throne. He assumed a number of honorifics—some of which compared him, in a flatteringly favourable manner, to the status and titles that were assumed by […]

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Indian History Part 42: THE RAJPUT CLANS Section III The Chahamanas

Canberra, 31 August 2015 The Chahamana clan, also called the Chauhans in later times, was one of the original four ‘agnikula’ Rajputs who were supposed to have originated from the sacrificial fire pit in Mount Abu. Therefore, they are part of Rajput history from the very beginning being the main lead in some events and […]

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