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Indian History Part 60 Section II The Caliphate and the Sultanate – Debating the Relationship

Canberra, 5 December 2014   The status of Delhi Sultanate vis-à-vis the Caliphate in Baghdad and the relationship that existed between the two continues to be open to a number of interpretations. Some of these interpretations are provided by few well-known historians, but with superficial proof and therefore do not stand the test of investigation. […]

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Indian History Part 53B The Medieval Islamic World

  Singapore, 27 September 2016 From the time of its origin in the 7th century till the end of the 13th century, the Islamic world represented much of the better aspects of human civilisation. During these nearly six hundred years, Islam ranged from Spain and West Africa to Central Asia and the Indian sub-continent, with […]

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Indian History Part 51: The Origins of Arab-Muslim Conquest

  Canberra, 12 June 2016 The armies that burst out of the Arabian Peninsula with the message of the Prophet Muhammad and the initial teachings of a fledgling religion were numerically small, seldom more than 20,000 soldiers and often much smaller. However, they were a homogeneous group, fully comprised of Arabs who had embraced the […]

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