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Indian History Part 44 THE ADVENT OF ISLAM

Canberra, 12 October 2015 Enough and more has been written about the creation of the religious faith known as Islam, derived from the teachings of the Prophet Muhamad (570-632). Prophet Muhammad lived in a polytheistic society and received a revelation in visions that he explained in the holy book of Islam, the Koran. He called […]

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Indian History Part 43 THE KHYBER PASS Section III: Greeks, Kushans, Sasanians and White Huns

Canberra, 2 October 2015 The regions around the Hindu Kush mountain ranges went through three hundred years of turmoil to create and consolidate kingdoms that rose and fell with the regularity and assurance of day following night. The Khyber Pass was at the centre of this upheaval and went through an era of volatility seldom […]

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Canberra, 23 September 2013 THE AGE OF DIFFUSION AND DISINTEGRATION (~200 B.C. to 300 A.D.) Section II OF GREEKS AND NOMADS The Yavanas In ancient times, the people who moved eastwards from the other side of the Mediterranean Sea, whether Greeks, Macedonians or Ionians, were all referred to as Yona, Yauna or Yavana, by both […]

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