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Indian History Part 76 Collapse of an Empire Section III Rama Raya – A Retrospective Analysis

Canberra, 30 November 2019 In a purely factual analysis of the decline of the Vijayanagara Empire, Rama Raya’s name stands out either as a hero or a villain depending on the bias of the author or researcher. It is an indisputable fact that Rama Raya was the de facto king of the Empire at the […]

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Indian History Part 59 The Lodi Dynasty Section V IBRAHIM LODI: THE TWILIGHT SULTAN

Canberra, 19 November 2017   Sikandar Lodi had many sons, the eldest being Ibrahim Khan and the second Jalal Khan, both born to the same mother. They were also considered to be the most capable amongst the young princes. Ibrahim Khan has been described as intelligent, courageous, generous and the embodiment of praiseworthy moral qualities. […]

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