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Indian History Part 75 The Tuluva Dynasty Section IV: Krishna Deva Raya – Deccan Campaign and an Inglorious End

Part 75 Vijayanagara stayed in a relatively peaceful state for about two years after the declaration of peace with Pratapa Rudra Gajapati of Orissa. However, true to form, Krishna Deva was restless and keen to fulfil what he considered his destiny—the recapture of the fort at Raichur and other parts of the Doab that had […]

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Indian History Part 66 The Adil Shahis of Bijapur Section II Entrenching the Dynasty

Canberra, 18 May 2018   When Yusuf Shah died, his son Ismail Shah was only 13 or 14 years old (some reports state his age as 9 years). On his deathbed, Yusuf appointed a trusted noble, Kamal Khan to be the guardian of the young prince and also the regent till Ismail achieved majority. He […]

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