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Part 55 KHILJI MILITARISM Section III Ala ud-Din Khilji – Military Conquests

Canberra, 12 March 2017   In medieval times a kingdom’s foreign policy was inextricably intertwined with both offensive and defensive military expeditions. This was the universal truth. Ala ud-Din was one of the most ambitious rulers to have sat on the throne of Delhi. Therefore, it is not surprising that after successfully establishing himself as […]

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Indian History Part 43 THE KHYBER PASS Section II Alexander of Macedonia

Canberra, 25 October 2015 Alexander of Macedonia, often called ‘Alexander the Great’, became the first confirmed outsider to have defeated an Indian king when he routed the army of King Porus on the banks of the River Hydaspes. How did he reach so far from his native Macedonia to the banks of the great Indus […]

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Indian History – Preface

Singapore, 13 January 2009 This is about the other part of my interest, Indian History. I would like to think that I am a very perceptive history student, not an expert, but an expert lay-man who understands more than a number of others the nuances of history. I also believe that history should not be […]

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