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  Canberra, 5 February 2016 Most modern chronicles of Indian history tend to concentrate on the events that took place in the Punjab, Rajasthan and Central India, which makes the narrative somewhat skewed. By not considering incidents that were happening simultaneously in areas that were peripheral to the regions adjoining the two mountain passes that […]

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Indian History Part 47 KASHMIR: A KINGDOM APART Section I: The Karkota Dynasty

  Canberra, 8 January 2016 The history of Kashmir is almost inextricably intertwined with the greater history of the broader region of which it forms a part—Central Asia, Afghanistan, China and Tibet—as much as it does of the Indian sub-continent. Kashmir by itself covers a large territory, which is mountainous, rugged and in places completely […]

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Indian History: Part 25 THE GOLDEN GUPTAS Section I: An Empire is Establsihed

Canberra, 14 January 2014 The decline and passage into oblivion of the Kushan dynasty marked the beginning of yet another period in Indian history about which little or no verifiable knowledge is available, and even the limited information is often incoherent. There is no fully verifiable information even today regarding the events that took place […]

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