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Indian History Part 79 Babur – First of the Great Mughals Section II A Tiger Comes of Age

Canberra, 26 March 2020  On 6 Muharram AH 888, 14 February AD 1483, a son was born to Omar Shaikh Mirza, the ruler of Fergana, and his wife Qutluq Nigar Khanum. He was named Zahir ud-Din Muhammad—Defender of the faith, Muhammad. Zahir was born in mid-winter in a ramshackle castle, the eldest son, although he […]

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Indian History Part 79 Babur-First of the Great Mughals Section I Background: The Central Asian Nomads

Canberra, 22 March 2020 For millennia the nomadic tribes of North-Central Asia have sustained themselves by herding their animals and exercising their unique ability to hunt en masse. Their pasturages were in the more habitable areas of the bleak desert that was their home, they moved along the minor watercourses and when needed, found refuge […]

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