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Indian History Part 56 The Tughluq Dynasty Section VIII The Later Tughluqs: A Decade of Decline

Canberra, 12 August 2017   The story of the Tughluqs after the death of Firuz Shah is one of rebellions, assassinations and deceit, within the realm of worthless sultans. It is a continuous saga of faithless ministers and nobles who manipulated their inept masters like master puppeteers. The process of political disintegration had already started […]

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Indian History Part 51: The Origins of Arab-Muslim Conquest

  Canberra, 12 June 2016 The armies that burst out of the Arabian Peninsula with the message of the Prophet Muhammad and the initial teachings of a fledgling religion were numerically small, seldom more than 20,000 soldiers and often much smaller. However, they were a homogeneous group, fully comprised of Arabs who had embraced the […]

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